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All About Me & My Story

Certified Biofeedback Specialist,

Root Cause Protocol Consultant,

Yoga Infused Qigong Practioner,

Owner of NJ Designs

Since 2007, my mission has been to help and empower my clients to overcome their most challenging obstacles and start living happier and healthier lifestyles. My extensive experience to find my own optimal health, allows me to have a deeper understanding and means to fully guide, support and assist you in building the life you clearly deserve.

As a Consultant, I aim to help you connect the stress of your life to the symptoms you are experiencing.  The health symptoms you experience can be caused by minerals, emotions, chakras, meridians, traumas, etc.  If you have a deeper understanding of where your health symptoms came from it enables you to make changes and move to a healthier life.  Prioritize your health first, it’s time to start nurturing your body and soul again—embrace your health!

My story on how the Root Cause Protocol has changed my life.  I am sure if we all think back in time, we can start depicting when our health problems started to show up in our lives.   For me it was around the age of 12, that I was dealing with Chronic Allergies.  I remember being bed ridden both spring and fall for around two weeks at a time.  I can still remember to this day, feeling my lungs so compressed that is was hard to get a full breath of air.  It created immense fatigue and all I wanted to do was sleep.  I have to tell you that when your physical health starts to affect your daily life, I now have learned it is your body trying to get your attention that something is just not right.  Unfortunately I did not know how to listen to my body at that age, so my health problems spilled from chronic allergies into adrenal and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia (joint pain and inflammation throughout the whole body), low low blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and major gallbladder/stomach issues.

Bringing a little more attention to the anxiety and panic attacks.  I want to expound on this topic.  If you have ever experienced anxiety and panic attacks, I want to let you know that these two can control every aspect of your life.  They can take your life away from you!  I had been living in this state for a couple of years not finding any answers and ready to stop my consulting practice due to the anxiety being out of control.  In my mind, I had tried everything from vitamins, to herbs, to breathing techniques and grounding techniques but nothing has working.  I was defiantly at a desperate place in my life, feeling that I had exhausted all my avenues.  I had a client, who I now call my angel, that came to me and introduced me to the Root Cause Protocol.  I started reading on the protocol and realized that the magnesium I had been taking was actually harming me.  Eye opening moment!  So I immediately changed magnesium.  I had been taking magnesium in high amounts for about 15 years but still had every magnesium deficiency symptoms out there.  Craziness!  But the real key for healing my anxiety was what is called an Adrenal Cocktail.  Absolutely amazing!!!!  If you have ever experienced anxiety then you would totally understand how awesome it is when it disappears!!!!  It is basically getting your life back.

So fast forwarding to 2017, I think that one of the quickest changes my family and I saw first…was my energy and endurance.  So July 20, 2017 we went to our first Tony Robbins event, WHICH WAS AMAZING…LIFE CHANGING…EYE OPENING!!!  Anyways, it was a 4 day event, 4 days of dancing, yelling and changing our state for 12-15 hrs a day.…O and walking On Fire!!!!!  On the first day I was on a high from the experience, my body felt alive.  But by the end of end of the third day I was at my end and ready to go home.  Energy and endurance where a big problem.  The second to last day, Saturday all I wanted to do was go home exhausted and feeling like I had nothing more to give.  Now lets fast forward to November 10, 2018, our second Tony Robbins event, 7 months (I started the protocol 2/26/2018) on the protocol.  I rocked the event, meaning I made it through the whole event, all four days and was ready to keep going.  It was amazing to have the energy and endurance to enjoy such an event.

So that was one of the quickest changes, noticing more energy and endurance.

 I have been on the protocol for a little under two years now.  And I want to share with you that I am around 50-60% better.  It is absolutely amazing to have your health symptoms slowly disappear.  I have tried cleanses - I’ve lived on the candida diet for a year, felt great but when I started eating a healthy normal diet all my symptoms came back, I have done 8 liver gallbladder flushes in a row, I have eaten vegan - which I thought would change my health completely and felt no difference in the symptoms above.  I have been dairy and gluten free for over 20 years.  And I want to share that the only thing that I have truly seen health changes with, is this protocol.  Morley’s information is based on scientific evidence on how the body runs and what it needs to run correctly.  I am beyond excited to share how the protocol has helped me, so it can continue to help others.  It is life altering and want to share it with anyone who is willing to listen.  If you feel like you have lost control of your health and can not find answers to your health problems.   I invite you to watch his videos with an open mind.  It is a life style change!  And folks it doesn’t happen over night!!  No magic pill here, just bring the correct nutrients into the body for the body to do its job.

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