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Testimonials: Testimonials

 Nicole is wealth of knowledge and Biofeedback has been the answer to so many questions in my life, as well as my children's life.  We have handled repeated cancer sores, legs that wouldn't bend, digestive issues, emotional sluggishness and so much more.  Yesterday I went for a session and I couldn't feel much happening.  This morning I woke up with a ton of energy and feeling the most joy I have felt in a long time.  This process is great for anyone who isn't sure what's happening in their body.  It can pinpoint exactly what's off balance.  This process is also great for anyone who knowswhat the issue is as it can realign (retrain) you and it can put you on the right path to better health.  Nicole never stops studying and learning.  She has learned cutting-edge information that is going to truly transform our health and our lives.  Call and make an appointment.  You won't be disappointed.

Marcie Baker Richmond

I would highly recommend Nicole Hornblower for Quantum Biofeedback.  She has helped my build my body up so that I could wean myself off my depression medication.  I had calcium depoists on my hand which showed up in last year's mammogram.  No calcium depoists showed up in this year's mammogram and all are gone from my hand.  I take thyroid medication.  My last blood work showed my thyroid function/levels are better.  Nicole works on my knees to prevent knee replacement.  She has kept me pain free!  These are a few reasons I think Nicole could help you, too!

Mary Kay Torrey

I began seeing Nicole over a year ago because of the severity of my acne.  I've dealt with this problem most of my life which started when I was a teenager, but I learned that it was also a heredity factor in my family.  I found when I started going through perimenopause and menopause, in my mid 40's and early 50's, my acne changed to a severe form called cystic acne.  I sought help from dermatologists, and I was prescribed every possible medication on the market that included antibiotics, creams, and gels.  Since I had bee taking medications for many years to keep my acne under control, my body built up an immunity and nothing worked so Accutane was recommended as a last resort.  I decided that option was a dangerous one for me and instead, I tried seeking alternatives.  I decided to visit a medical spa that gave special facials fro acne prone skin.  Unfortunately, the results were short lived and my trips to the doctor, medications, spa treatments, special facial skin care and makeup became very expensive.  The results were very few and keeping my cystic acne under control became frustrating and exasperating.
I heard about Biofeedback from a friend and decided to give it a chance since everything else that I tried for cystic acne wasn't working.  Nicole helped my by providing education on the "root' causes of cystic acne, and provided guidance that helped me to determine some foods that were affecting my skin.  Nicole also provided her expertise in my choosing appropriate supplements that were fitting for my needs, and she helped me create a better and healthier diet.  She was also able to point out some of the day to day stressors that were having a ill affect on my skin.  It's been a journey, a lot of trial and error and patience but my skin looks so much better and feels healthier.

Jeanette S.

A few months ago I decided to do a holistic approach to breast cancer. It was the best decision I ever made. I work with Nicole with the biofeedback which has helped me tremendously. I'm doing meditation that helps lower my stress. My energy level has gone up. I learned what foods that I should and should not be eating. You need to be very strict on this diet. I don't think of it as a diet anymore but a healthy way of living. The natural supplements that were introduced to me, work very well with my body. My doctor was excited about my decision and monitors my labs. My last lab results showed my cancer tumor markers down to normal levels!!!!! My doctor and I were pleasantly surprised. I would encourage anyone with or without health issues to work with Nicole and change to a healthy way of living.   

Dina S.

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Nicole continues to help me on my journey to better health!  If you haven't taken the opportunity to meet Nicole and talk to her about your health concern, you definitely should!  Her Biofeedback blows my mind each time she does it on me...  I sent Nicole a message back in January of this year.  I told her I had just been to the urgent care and I had tonsils were so swollen I couldn't swallow the medicine they had just given me...she did a remote-Biofeedback session on me, within 15 minutes I was able to swallow the medicine and start getting some fluids into my system!  I would have never believed it if I hadn't experienced it!  I continue on the journey with the Root Cause Protocol with her.  This is a slow process that enables foods to heal our's funny because I'm one that wants immediate results and foudn ou the hard way how powerful certain foods can be when taken for health!  I'm working with Nicole on managing my fibromyalgia and arthritis well as the management of celiac disease which started all of my health issues 14 years ago.  I am beyond confident that with Nicole's guidance my illnesses will all continue to improve!  If you're thinking about contacting Nicole but have questions you would like to ask first, please contact me.

Pam N Lar Shumway

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My 14 years working with Nicole have been life changing!  I was a hot, hot mess, always sick-mentally and physically, not knowing how off balance my lifestyle really was.  It's been a journey but with each committed session with Nicole, she has miraculously changed my life and my family's life by giving me clarity to accomplish and conquer my health issues.  I will always be grateful for all her time and knowledge she shares with me!

Donalyn Rybicki

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